My Story

For all of you that visited to see my artwork, I have another website, that is dedicated to my paintings. I will be using to promote my writing, published books, and sharing their back stories. I’ve also been working on a book ‘Rock Crazy and the Magic stone. It follows my life after I found a jewel while I was on a Treasure Hunt. It takes place in the 1940s and 1950s. Any of you that were around in those years will thoroughly enjoy walking down memory lane. This is a family book which highlights what growing up after the 2nd World War was like.
The Schoolhouse, in Croton Falls NY, pictured above, played an important role in my painting career. I rented a studio there for almost 30 years. It’s where I wrote much of ‘The Juror and the General’. The Juror Rejudges the Trial was written in my home office in Somers, NY., where I’ve been painting and writing since the Schoolhouse was sold to the town of Croton Falls as a theater and community center. The Schoolhouse was filled with creative energy which; I sorely miss. Several successful people of the arts rented space there.
However; I can visit my home office at any hour, of the day or night and my 27” Mac computer allows me to dream as large as the universe.

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My Journey


My Latest Project:

“Rock Crazy and the Magic Stone”

My grandson appeared to be putting together a rock collection. I thought he’d enjoy some of the items in my own collection for his 9th Birthday. His reaction upon receiving the gift was ….These are nice…Where’d you buy them? I was stunned that he hadn’t realized, I found each one of these items myself. I told him that I’d write the story about how I found each item in the collection. He’s now 22 and I haven’t finished the stories…


"Sometimes it's okay if all you did today was just breathe"

A lesson I must learn because my mind is filled with so much to do I forget to relax.

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In 1985, I shared comments and witness descriptions on the CBS-Westmoreland trial after serving as a member of the jury. The product was the publication of my book, “‘The Juror and the General”. Now, decades later, I revisit the trial. In addition to covering the complexities of the legal battle, I also elaborate on the intricacies of life as a juror after the trial’s conclusion.

‘The Juror Rejudges the Trial’ is an extension of ‘The Juror and the General’. Not only have I republished the trial, but I’ve shared my interactions with the men that had been on trial and what fate had in store for everyone. The trial had been a major occurence in not only the defendents lives but it also changed me and my view of pretty much everything. 

This is a story about how decisions are made and how intelligence is gathered. This is a story about history and how it repeats itself. The danger of the written word is more prevelant than one realizes. That’s the biggest lesson I learned, having been a juror.